Workshops & Events

Please email Abby with any questions, or to schedule a private/semi-private workshop:


Couple’s Yoga

Couple’s Yoga creates an opportunity to connect in a fun atmosphere while uniting in touch, offering and receiving support, exploring balance and strength, trust and communication. Interactive poses and guided yummy massage techniques are explored to facilitate relaxation and muscle release. Come and feel good with each other!


Partner Yoga

Double your fun for this light-hearted evening exploring yoga postures done with a partner. This class is for partners, be they couples, family, friends, or someone else. Poses are done back-to-back, side-by-side, and facing each other; while you mirror, support, and balance each other, and co-create your postures. Communication, expression, and fun are key to this class so don't be afraid to talk, laugh, and even fall over! Suitable for all levels of yoga experience. Simple massage, assisting and relaxation techniques will be introduced.


Arm Balance Workshop

Come experience a playful practice using the body’s breath, power and spirit to lift you up in new ways – literally! We will be exploring a variety of arm balances and inversions. Bring a sense of humor and spirit of adventure.


Restorative Yoga Workshop

The Restorative Yoga Workshop offers a deeply nourishing environment to promote “active relaxation” and stress reduction. Restorative Yoga is a very gentle introspective practice, which combines gentle yoga poses with restorative postures to deeply relax the body and release tension. The restorative postures are held with the support of various props. The props allow the body a sense of surrender. One gains mental relief from daily stress and is nurtured through the mind/body connection. No previous yoga experience is required.


Yoga Book Club

The Yoga Book Club is an opportunity to come together in thought and discussion in a relaxed atmosphere with books related to the practice of yoga. It meets occasionally at the Yoga for Life Studio, hosted by Abby Schwab. Pre-registration is required, email Abby, there is no cost to attend.