Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy unites modern understanding of how the body moves and functions with ancient wisdom of yoga to carefully create a unique therapeutic program to support pain reduction, greater ease and mobility, stamina, strength, stress management and breath awareness.

Is your quality of life and what's important to you being effected by living in pain? Are you tolerating a loss of flexibility, strain or tension? Yoga Therapy can help you live, work, and play in ways that bring more joy into your day-to-day life, and bring you back toward missed activities like playing sports, romping with grandkids, or traveling.

Experiences of injury, illness, a period of inactivity, or from the passing of time create patterns of movement, which in turn effect how the body feels, breath capacity and the ability to manage stress. Yoga Therapy closely examines those patterns and offers a time to slow down, tune in and listen. Discover how gentle movements receive big results to support your life.

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