Yoga for Life - testimonials

Testimonials from Yoga For Life students:


“I forget how much I love to love myself until I take your class” - S.G.

If you are on the fence, do it! If you decide to become a yoga teacher, you will receive the best possible training to start down your path as a teacher. If you decide not to teach, you will still expand your yoga knowledge and confidence and gain invaluable personal insight. It is an amazing journey. - S.H.

You should make this investment in yourself! It will challenge you on so many levels but it will be so worth the journey. - E. S.

Yoga for Life Training is more than yoga postures, more than learning how to teach. It's a living yoga, where peace, wisdom and tranquility abound. It's a journey of self-discovery and camaraderie that integrates the earliest teachings of yoga with a mindful and holistic approach to fill all aspects of one's practice. Abby and Sandra's training course allows one to be able to communicate all that is learned to others with humor, authenticity and joy. - K.M.

could not be happier with the decision I made last year to join YFL 200-hr yoga teacher training. This course is much different than others i found, YFL is designed to flow with your normally day to day life. The warm and comforting environment allows the student teacher relationship to come naturally and the education received has been more than I could have ever hoped for. Overall, this has been a positive eye opening experience for many reasons and i highly recommend it. - S.K.

Abby and Sandra have crafted an excellent yoga teacher training. They use a variety of techniques to teach us the material we need to know. In addition to learning the asanas, pranayamas, and meditation, the training provides an avenue for personal self-exploration and growth that is invaluable.As we develop our own teaching styles, we are supported every step of the way with much compassion. Humor is included! A strong side benefit is learning along with and from a wise and wonderful group of women.

“Abby Schwab is just one of those people who just feels good to be around. Not only is she a fantastic yoga teacher and Zumba instructor, her enthusiasm and energy are infectious outside the classroom as well. I’ve taken a lot of yoga classes over the past few years from a lot of different instructors. Most have been good in one way or another, but very few have left me feeling positively lit up like Abby’s. Her extensive training at Kripalu, and her big heart make her one of the best around in my opinion. Oh, and that same energy carries into her Zumba classes as well! It’s like a dance party with some very funky music!” - G.H

“I’ve been taking Abby’s Kripalu Yoga for 2 years now and it’s been an incredible experience for me. Abby is a fabulous teacher. She makes you feel like you’re the only person in her class. Abby will demonstrate and assist with all the poses throughout the class. She uses words like respect, honor and compassion throughout the practice. These words help to create a positive and welcoming environment. I always leave her class feeling rejuvenated.” - M.M.

I started my journey with Abby as I was preparing for my black belt test...but I could have been preparing for just about anything. What distinguished my experience with Abby, from other past trainers and mentors, was the atmosphere she created especially for me. My training was not of the "one size fits all" type. In my particular case, Abby was able to pick up on my self perceptions, and challenged my long standing assumptions about who I was and what I was capable of. With that in mind, and with humor, patience, sheer determination (I sometimes wondered who had the harder work-out) as well as an encyclopedic knowledge base, Abby guided me to obvious, significant and long lasting change, not only for my physical well being, but for my mental well being too. I have been able to alter my lifestyle, have far more clarity of thought about who I am and where I am going and have been able to overcome the many demons that have, in the past, held me back. I am grateful....and my black belt is grateful too! Most trainers hold up a mirror and tell you to take a look at what you are. Abby held up a window and showed me a wonderful new place, and then she taught me how to open it. - M.G.

I am a self proclaimed “Abby groupie”. Abby Schwab is a seasoned professional and a natural teacher. Yoga with Abby is the perfect balance of the physical and the spiritual. Her compassion and sense of humor create a relaxed and pleasant learning environment. She helps guide you in your practice with her soothing voice, hypnotic music and non-judgmental teachings. I love her classes and always look forward to the next. Abby is the BEST!


Just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoyed your couples yoga workshop on Saturday, February 12th at Mystic Fitness. The room was perfect with the music & the candles as was the time & length of the class. You had just the right number of couples, anymore & it would have been too many. Your instruction was perfect, your mood was fun, you walked around & checked in on everyone, My friend Joe had never taken anything remotely close to a yoga class & was a bit concerned that he wouldn't be able to follow along but you made it so easy & he relaxed & thoroughly enjoyed himself.

Great job & I look forward to attending your next workshop/class,